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Right Noodle Left Noodle Program (RNLN), formally known as the Chess Achievers Program (CAP), began with a small group of youth in Camden, New Jersey in the fall of 2000 and quickly expanded into Wilmington Delaware by the end of the summer. The RNLN program started to work with adjudicated youth twice a week at Project Stay Free, an alternative school in Wilmington Delaware. The youth engaged in life skills activities using the game of chess.

The success of the program at Project Stay Free opened the door for the program to be established at Anna P. Mote Elementary School in the Red Clay Consolidated School District. After the RNLN Program became active in the Red Clay Consolidated School District, it began to incorporate mathematical activities with life skills training.


Grayson A, DE

"My experience with chess was great. Ms. Skinner is a great teacher and an encourging person. Chess is a quiet game and it helps you focus. I began playing in kindergarten. It was cool getting rewarded with medals all the way to trophies."

Chris W, DE

"I'm a father of a second grader at Hanby Elementary that began participating in the chess club this year. I'm writing to express my gratitude for the Lancashire vs. Hanby chess match at Mt. Pleasant on Thursday night. I was blown away by the quality of the event. It was clear when walking in that this was not treated as a small extracurricular, but rather something intended to make the players and their families feel a part of something larger. 

Amber L, DE

"Before chess, my son was shy. After playing for only a short time, I noticed how he has changed into a  confident 8 year-old boy. He has become very strategic  even when he is not playing the game. He is extremely focus now. I thought he was joking with me when he told me he  wanted to stay after school to play chess"

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