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RNLN Chess is an innovative program designed to teach the fundamentals of chess to youth and adults. Our program uses chess as a tool to help develop problem solving, strategic thinking and analytical skills as well as to improve math skills and a love of math. Our experienced instructors ensure that participants gain the knowledge and understanding necessary to become a proficient chess player. With RNLN Chess, participants will have the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the game and grow both mentally and socially.          

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Our Right Noodle Left Noodle After School Chess Club meets once a week for 60 to 90 minutes throughout the academic school year. The club is offered to students in our participating schools in grades  1to 8.


 Chess to Chest Conversations is a social-emotional learning component of the Right Noodle Left Noodle project-based learning program. This unique approach to social development transfers the skills of a chess player from across the board to real-world scenarios.

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Right Noodle Left Noodle Chess Math Enrichment Program also known as, Using Your Noodle Math Program, is a game-oriented math enrichment program developed to promote math success in K-8 grades, by making mathematics simple and learning fun by utilizing chess strategies.

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